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Dear Citizens of Wyoming,

We here at the Institute for Quantum Computing were recently reviewing the statistics of our official website, and we noticed something troubling: the website has received visits originating from every state in the U.S. except for Wyoming.  Google Analytics generated this map depicting the sources of our web traffic, and Wyoming is a solitary white void in the American midwest.

This is rather concerning. We are worried, dear people of Wyoming, that you are falling behind your country-mates when it comes to understanding how quantum information processing will shape the future of technology.

We acknowledge that you live in the least populous state in the union — even Maine has more than twice your population — and we understand that quantum science may not be a matter of pressing immediacy in a state whose official symbol is the wild bison. But we believe that a basic understanding of quantum information science is important to all people, even Wyomingites (Wyomingers? Wyomese?). Researchers have only begun to envision the possibilities for future quantum technologies — perhaps someday such technologies will be used in your mining industries, or to better protect your pristine wilderness, or to accurately predict within a nanosecond when your famous geyser Old Faithful will spew her steaming fountain.

So we cordially invite you — all 563,626 of you — to visit our www.iqc.uwaterloo.ca, and spend some time getting acquainted with the quantum information revolution. It’s time for you to literally put yourselves on the map (well, our web traffic map, anyways).


Your pals at the Quantum Factory



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