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“Mind-blowing” … “Riveting” … “Intense” … “Nerd-tastic!”

Hear what students from the 2011 Undergraduate School for Experimental Quantum Information Processing had to say about IQC and the exciting summer camp.

Interested? USEQIP 2012 runs from May 28 to June 8.



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Yesterday’s opening night presentation of “Quantum Physics and Harry Potter” at Waterloo’s Princess Twin Cinema was magical. Through storytelling, conjuring, scientific demonstrations and lots of audience participation, IQC postdoc Krister Shalm and magician Dan Trommater explored many mind-bending concepts of quantum science, as seen through the lens of the Harry Potter phenomenon. From photon entanglement to quantum superposition to teleportation — the show shed light (often via lasers) on how the real science behind quantum research is often more  fascinating than anything dreamed up by JK Rowling.

The show continues tonight — and, due to the overwhelming public interest, will return sometime in the coming months. So stay tuned for future show dates.

While tickets for tonight’s show are sold out, there may be a few extra seats available come showtime. If you’d like to attend but don’t have a ticket, try stopping by the Princess Twin tonight by 6:15. No guarantees, but there might be a spot for you!

Here’s a glimpse at last night’s fun. Keep your eyes on this blog and iqc.uwaterloo.ca for videos, to be posted soon.

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Photo by Mathew McCarthy, Waterloo Region Record. Thanks to the guys at Kind of Magic for help with the levitation!

The world of Harry Potter, with its magical phenomena like teleportation and levitation, is purely the stuff of fantasy, right?

Well, no — not if you ask Krister Shalm, who next week will present a pair of free shows at a Waterloo cinema exploring the real quantum phenomena that mirror the weirdness of Potter’s realm.

Krister, a postdoc at the Institute for Quantum Computing, is teaming up with magician Dan Trommater to present “Quantum Physics and Harry Potter” on July 14 and 15 at the Princess Twin Cinemas.

And judging by the torrent of advance ticket reservations, it’s going to be a runaway hit. Articles about the show have appeared in the Waterloo Region Record and the Waterloo Chronicle, and the buzz is growing fast.


UPDATE: Tickets are now officially sold out! Thanks to everyone who reserved seats. We’ll see you at the shows!  Stay tuned to Quantum Factory and IQC — given the demand for tickets, we may have to stage the show again sometime…

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

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