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IQC Booth

The IQC Booth at the AAAS Annual Meeting. Isn't it a beaut?

Representatives from the Institute for Quantum Computing have gone coastal, taking up temporary residence in drizzly Vancouver for the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The AAAS conference is the largest scientific gathering in the world, and it’s happening in Canada for the first time since 1981, so it’s a perfect place to showcase all things quantummy.

IQC Executive Director Raymond Laflamme delivered a public lecture in downtown Vancouver last night as part of a “CFI Dialogues at UBC Robson Square” series. Minds were boggled, awe was inspired, and conversations were sparked. Mission accomplished. IQC professor David Cory also spoke yesterday as part of a special summit that brought together all the Canada Excellence Research Chairs from across the country.  The format only allowed each speaker five minutes onstage — the so-called “pecha kucha” style of presentation — and Cory deftly provided an overview of his research into quantum devices (and he even had a few seconds to spare).

Over the course of this weekend, Laflamme and IQC faculty member Thomas Jennewein will participate in a pair of AAAS symposia, in which they’ll explore how quantum information research is transforming computing and communications.

On a less glamorous front, there’s been some manual labour too.  After several hours of grunting, groaning and a few minor scrapes and bruises, we successfully assembled the IQC booth in the AAAS Exhibition Hall, and it’s ready for when the doors open tomorrow.  There’s a hands-on demo of quantum cryptography, a video slideshow and oodles of reading material all about IQC.  There are even a few IQC yo-yos to give away, but you have to ask really, really nicely to get one.

Keep an eye on IQC’s website and Twitter feed for updates through the whole weekend.



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