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Waterloo IQCWaterloo is a pretty awesome place: a mid-sized Canadian community that has both deep Mennonite roots — it’s common to see people getting around by horse and buggy just a few minutes away from the Institute for Quantum Computing — and a leading high-tech sector.  It’s a place where scientists pursue revolutionary new ideas at research centres like IQC and Perimeter Institute, where more than 1,000 high-tech companies bring innovative new technologies to the market, and where a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem helps those companies compete on the global stage (the local company Sortable created a great infographic illustrating this path).

We here at IQC recently produced a video that explains how revolutionary quantum technologies are beginning to emerge from our labs, and how the organizations like the Accelerator Centre and Communitech provide invaluable resources that will help Waterloo become the world’s “Quantum Valley.”  Have a look:


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