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Question: What do poetry, quantum physics and swing dancing have in common?

Answer: Krister Shalm.

Without those seemingly disparate influences, Krister would not be Krister. In a fascinating talk he delivered during TEDxUW (a University of Waterloo-based offshoot of the popular TED Talks phenomenon), the IQC postdoc described the “three epiphanies” that forever changed his life.

If you think physics, poetry and dance are mutually exclusive passions, think again. And watch this video. By the end of it, you might just be writing sonnets to Schrodinger’s Cat while dancing the Lindy Hop.

Now that you’ve heard Krister talk about dancing, you probably want to see him in action.  You’re in luck! Here’s some footage of him teaching a young pal, six-year-old Indigo, a few moves at the Lancaster Jazz Club in Kitchener, Ontario.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Krister taught Indigo some fundamental quantum mechanics, too.


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